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I'm making an animation collab =)

2016-11-18 22:55:20 by Cheetoh

So in my last video on Youtube, I discussed how animators/artists/filmmakers get screwed over by the Youtube algorythm. So I'm doing a little collaboration for my viewers (or anyone else who wants to join) to take part in! Here's the video:

If you wanna join, that's great, just upload your submission to Youtube or Dumping Grounds, and leave your submission as a link in the comments, or here =)


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2016-11-19 06:25:49

This sounds awesome!

I've been looking for a nice simple way of easing myself back into cartooning, and this may be the sign from Zeus that I have been waiting for!

I'll get to work!



2016-11-19 07:44:21

i well join


2016-11-19 12:44:04

I would really like to join1 I have flash 8, Is that okay?

Cheetoh responds:

You could use whatever because the whole thing will be exported as an mp4, not a flash file. You could use paint if you wanted lol =)


2016-11-19 23:50:33

Where do we sign up?

Cheetoh responds:

All you need to do is make the animation, upload to Youtube or dumping grounds, and send me the link


2016-11-24 11:36:05

I'm in! Just posted a link on your YouTube video


2016-11-25 01:10:17

Man This is great.
I wish I could take part. I have exams though.
All the best with it!


2016-11-26 14:58:57

Here's mine!
Youtube name is Lazer Mantis and my Newgrounds name is LazerMantis.


2016-12-11 13:20:36

Hey dude, here's my part:

Or you can get it directly from Youtube:

Hope it's alright!



2016-12-13 01:16:29

Hey, I finished my part 4-ish days ago and commented on your video. Not sure if you saw it but I'm linking it here as well.

I uploaded it to my youtube:

Cheetoh responds:

I got it! Great job dude =)