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200 fans!

2016-07-20 02:12:03 by Cheetoh

Wanna take a brief moment here to say thank you all for giving me the gift of 200 fans here on Newgrounds =) When I first got into Newgrounds, at the age of 13, I never expected the love and support I would end up recieving by one of my favorite communities on the planet. This site has introduced me to some of my best friends, and I even had the honor of meeting my favorite artists that I grew up with, during this years Pico Day, which I can safely say was one of the best days of my life so far. I love reading your reviews, and your comments has really pushed me to better improve the content I create, and for that I couldn't thank you enough, honestly. And i'm proud to say, there is so much more to come from Cheetoh Studios =) 

200 may not seem like much to some people, but it keeps me happy and smiling. I love you all, and I can't wait to present to you all, what other projects we have coming up for you! 

With love, Cheetoh.


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2016-07-20 16:20:51


Cheetoh responds:



2016-07-20 23:30:07

Congrats dude! I'm happy for you!

Cheetoh responds:

Thanks bro, means a lot! We should collab one day =)


2016-07-21 13:11:28

Keep it up!

Cheetoh responds:

Will do! Thanks a lot =)


2016-07-21 13:36:52

Sweet! I'm glad you had fun at Pico Day. It's one of my favorite times of the year!

Cheetoh responds:

Yeah dude it was great! I hope I can have the privilege to go again next year =)


2016-07-21 15:02:46

Yeah, man I'd totally like to collab one day!